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Online Singing for Pleasure Sessions Videos

Listen to my online singing for pleasure workshops on my YouTube channel and learn beautiful folk songs from around the world and be uplifted by the joys of singing in group harmony!

Rehearsal Audio Tracks 

Songs plus harmony parts to practice songs learnt in Online Singing for Pleasure Sessions

Song Lyrics

Here are the lyrics for the songs learnt during the Online Singing for Pleasure Sessions. 

Online Singing for Pleasure Facebook Page

Watch my Facebook Live Online Singing for Pleasure Sessions. Please like and follow my page. 

Community Choirs

These sessions have now moved online until things get back to normal!!
You can watch my singing on Facebook and YouTube (links above). 

These sessions are for anyone who would like to sing as part of a community choir and would like to experience the natural highs experienced by singing in group harmony in a relaxed and fun environment. No experience is necessary and anyone of any ability will feel at ease joining in and being part of this singing group. All songs are taught by ear and these groups provide a fascinating opportunity to learn folk songs from around the world and to delve into the stories from other cultures and lives that are told through the songs.

I also help lead a community choir for the charity Music for Change. Please see link to choir:

As well as singing songs from around the world, I particularly enjoy the challenge of sourcing historical folk songs from Kent and then arranging them so they can be sung by community choirs. I have done several interesting projects for The Deal Music Festival where I have sourced and arranged songs with a local relevance such as coal mining, fishing, smuggling, hop picking songs and most recently Royal Marine and Naval songs. These songs that relate to the local community help connect the people of Deal today with events and people from the past and help celebrate our local stories and history that contribute to the atmosphere and identity of the town today.

Details of Sessions (when not in lock down!)
£5/Session. PAYG. Term time only. No need to book, just turn up!

Tuesdays, 2-3pm    
Deal Community Church Hall,
Stanley Rd entrance, Deal
Wednesdays, 2-3pm
Kingsdown Village Hall,
Kingsdown, Kent

Thursdays, 11-12pm   
Smugglers Beer and Music Café,
Delf Street, Sandwich

Fridays, 11-12pm
St Margarets Village Hall, 
St Margarets

Warming up the Voice, by Lyz Cooper, BAST

How to warm up your voice and get ready for singing!
Vocal warmup exercises: starting with the body, then the breath and finally the voice. 

Research Articles: The Benefits of Vocalising on Health and Wellbeing

Articles by Lyz Cooper BAST: 

Community Choir Projects in partnership with
The Deal Music and Arts Festival
Deal's Royal Naval and Marine History

Lord Gawain Douglas and Natasha Douglas take us on a journey through Deal’s Naval and more recent Royal Marine history, capturing and re-telling humorous, tragic and moving folk songs and tales from the Napoleonic times, Waterloo and Trafalgar through to the time of the Royal Marines School of Music in Deal.

The stories, poems and songs they have selected tell of the struggles and beauty of life in the Navy and Marines but also connect this to dealtown people and life and the impact of this history on the culture of Deal today.