About Me

I come from the curious town of Deal in the South East corner of England that is home to a variety of eccentrics from all walks of life and a whole host of self-employed artists (both impoverished and thriving!) who feel at ease here, amongst the creativity, chaos, music and debauchery (that one might inevitably expect from a smuggling and naval town! )
  Music runs through the streets and lives in the air in Deal, be it classical, original, folk, Avant Garde, progressive, psychedelic or pop! Born into a musical family (both parents being classical pianists) and growing up in the atmosphere that Deal creates, made self-expression through music a very natural outlet with a natural leaning towards melody and harmony inspired from classical music. My song writing is also inspired by being a woman (with all the mystical complexities that this can bring!), mother, sister (to 5 siblings!), daughter, lover and my job as a carer for my 104 year old grandmother, for whom music is one of the few remaining simple life’s pleasures that she can still access.
 My musical life is also greatly enriched by my work as a Community Musician. In this role I run Community Choirs where we are all uplifted by the natural joys of singing in group harmony and learn songs and chants from around the world as well as learning folk songs from Kent which help connect us to our local history and the fascinating stories that come from working life in this area.  In my role as a community musician I also run workshops and music sessions for the elderly and for people with Dementia. This work is extremely rewarding as I get to witness the incredible bonding, healing and therapeutic experience that people can gain from engaging in music.