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Ich komponiere eigene Songs, um Gefühle und Ereignisse aus meinem Alltag auszudrücken. Ich neige von Natur aus zu einem sehr melodischen Stil und baue in meine Lieder gerne Harmonien ein. Dabei begleite ich mich mit der Gitarre oder auch mit den anderen Instrumente, die ich spiele: Geige, Singende Säge, Mundharmonika. 

Meine Lieder reflektieren meine Beziehungen als Mutter, Tochter, Schwester und Lebenspartnerin.


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Mein erstes Album "What If"

What if

'What if' ist mein erstes Soloalbum, aufgenommen 2018 in meiner Heimatstadt Deal, einem lebhaften Küstenort im Südosten von England. Die Lieder auf dem Album handeln von meinem Bestreben, der Frage "Was wäre wenn" nachzugehen - oder aber auch unbeantwortet stehen zu lassen und zu akzeptieren, dass ich nicht alle Dinge kontrollieren kann. Das Loslassen ist ein andauernder, mitunter schmerzhafter persönlicher Prozess, der mich besonders in den engen Beziehungen um mich herum begleitet, gelegentlich zu Verwirrung führt, oft aber auch zu einem Moment der Klarheit. Aus diesen Momenten der Verwirrung oder Klarheit entsteht ein Lied, manchmal nachdenklich, manchmal wütend und manchmal voller Optimismus. Aber alle Lieder, so hoffe ich, werden von einer Verbindung und Ehrlichkeit zu mir selbst angetrieben und beflügelt.

What if" dokumentiert die Irrungen, Wirrungen und Freuden, eine Frau, Mutter, Schwester und Tochter zu sein. Mit dabei sind die Musiker von Cocos Lovers, die über viele Jahre Teil meiner musikalischen Reise waren.

Das Album ist auf allen bekannten Streaming-Plattformen verfügbar.

Album Reviews for 'What If'

Will Varley - Singer Songwriter

"Glorious soulful folk songs with an alternative edge - one of my favourite albums of the year!" 

Hannah Sainty from "Hannah's Umbrella"

With a voice like a siren of the sea, Natasha Rose Douglas brings us her debut folk album ‘What If.’ An exploration of love, family and the challenges and victories of life, this album is a beautiful yet powerful anthology for the quest for balance and happiness.

After 10 years on the music scene, as a founding member of the folk and roots band ‘Cocos
Lovers,’ this album is a natural progression for the Deal based songstress. A singer and songwriter who writes and composes from a place of truth and bravery, this is her first solo spin-off project.

The album kicks off on a high which has you feeling light and bright with the track ‘Sea of
Change,’ a song about love and the excitement of diving into a romantic intrigue. With seductive bass lines and ardent drum beats, ‘Lover Lover’ is also an ode to love as Natasha’s captivating voice kindles your hearts desires.

It’s not long before the pain and discomfort of heartbreak enters though, particularly in the heart hitting ‘Wasn’t Meant to Be.’ The song has a rockier feel to it, with guitar riffs that are almost palpable as we embark on this anthem of growing out of love against all your efforts.

The tide takes us up high again with a hypnotic ride through ‘Dreams,’ before landing in a string symphony of ‘Fan the Flame.’ A mix between a folk ballad and a Spanish serenade, violins carry the length of this track as the baroque-sounding guitar steals the show throughout the bridges. The melody compliments Natasha’s vocals as she sings, setting the scene and story in the mind's eye, one of tentative hope and reservations on the authenticity of romantic love.

The concept of love extends to family on this album to, with songs like ‘Brother’ and ‘Mother’
where Natasha uses an angelic call for answers and understanding, as her violin carols alongside her, in a marriage of voice and instrument.

‘Away from it all,’ is the second last track on this beautifully tumultuous album, where the pain and confusion of all the ‘What If’s of her life come to a climax and crescendo as she releases the boundaries and responsibilities on herself. The song is a call to her lover and herself, to the hope that trusting in the love of her partner and acceptance of the unknown will save her.

The final track rests upon the playful shoulders of ‘Monday Morning.' A catchy and cheeky ditty that has you smiling and tapping your feet as you hum along with the saw playing gently in the background. With island vibes, we find ourselves back on the shoreline as our journey comes to an end. A fun and lighthearted song that could be the prayer chant for any early morning risers who’s bed seems a more enticing place to be.

From beginning to end, this album of folklore storytelling rocks you and has you resting in a
blissed-out and reflective state. Perfect for sunny days driving down the coast, or sitting and
contemplating the world on a grey and sulky day, Natasha has created the perfect life-line album.

Sung with heavenly beauty and instrumentals by the talented Cocos Lovers members, this album is a stunning poetic piece that ignites curiosity and excitement for what is next in store for Natasha Rose Douglas and her solo journey.