Natasha Rose Douglas

Singer Songwriter
Choir Leader
Community Musician
Based in Deal, Kent, UK

Latest Project 
"What if"

'What if' is my first solo album and is essentially about my quest to embrace the 'What ifs' in life and leaving them at times, as unanswered questions. Accepting that I can’t control all the things I would like to control is an ongoing (and sometimes painful!) personal process and one that rises up particularly in the close relationships around me. All my internal meanderings often result in great confusion, but sometimes also a moment of clarity. From these moments of confusion or clarity a song is born, sometimes pensive, sometimes angry and sometimes brimming with optimism, but all of them, I hope, are fueled and energised by a connection with myself and a stark honesty - be it conscious or unconscious!

‘What if’ documents the trials, tribulations and joys of being a woman, mother, sister, daughter and lover and features the musicians of Cocos Lovers who have all been part of my musical journey over the years.